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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Dimensions of Social ‎Responsibility's Management Strategies and Gaining Competitive Advantage in SMEs
Hossein Babapour Golafshani
Pages: 1-12
Evaluation of tourism climate comfort in order to attract more tourists
Shler Katourani, Chia Sohrabnejad, Jahede Tekyeh Khah‎
Pages: 1-9
Relationship Investigation between Entrepreneurial Attitude and Market Orientation, Considering Consumers' Engagement Mediation
Fatemeh Ahmadi, Abas Monavariyan, Mohammad Reza Zandi Manesh
Pages: 13-24
Cohort Study of Application Taxi from 2015‎
Reza Bayat, Mohammad Tallogh
Pages: 25-28
Customer Engagement with Self-Expressive Brands: Brand Love and Word of Mouth ‎Marketing
Mohammad Biazar, Mehdi Ebrahimi
Pages: 29-41
Investigation of Structural Relationship between Organizational Climate and Job ‎Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Employees of Paknam ‎Company
Rahman Aminyan
Pages: 42-49
Identification and Ranking of Risk Factors Affecting the Probability of Bank ‎Fraud (Case Study, Isfahan Province Resalat Bank)
Amirsalar Raisi Nafchi, Mohsen Dastgir
Pages: 50-64
Explaining the Role of Information Technology Acceptance to Empowering Staff through Organizational Culture and Reward Management System (Case Study: Staff of Social Security Organization in Mashhad City)
Arezu ouni asbforushani, Aliakbar golmeshki
Pages: 65-80
Impact of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises on Gross Domestic Product and Human Development Index in Nigeria
Victor Amadin Idehen, Angela Obose Oriazowanlan
Pages: 81-89
The Impact of E-commerce Ethics on Re-purchase Intention and Customer Loyalty
Ali Khodadadian
Pages: 90-96
The Role of Sports Sponsorship in Improving Brand Equity A Study on the Saudi Fans in Riyadh. KSA
Iyad A. Al-Nsour
Pages: 97-113
The Impact of Liquidity, Firm Size and Fixed Assets on the Profitability of Sugar Mills in Pakistan
Habib Ullah
Pages: 114-121
Relationship between environmental factors and contextual factors with environmental management control systems
Mirza Hasan Hosseini, Seyed Abbas Rahbarynia
Pages: 122-127
Assessing the Impact of Entrepreneurial Opportunities on Internal Market Orientation ‎‎(Case Study: Iran Khodro Company)‎
Rozita Roughani
Pages: 128-138

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international journal of business management
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2020