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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Heat Transfer in Two-Phase Unidirectional Flow Regarding Vertical Pipes
Arash Rezaei
Pages: 1-5
Sensitivity Analysis of Different Parameters on Dynamic Loads due to Water Hammer in Water Pipe Lines Projects (GRP Pipe)
M. Emami, M. H. Mohebi, R. Aghamajidi
Pages: 6-16
Estimation and Modeling of Multi-Stage Ejectors in the Micro Scale
Yaser Aghebati Amlashi
Pages: 17-28
The Effect of Vertical Irregularities on the Seismic Behavior of the Moment Steel Frames
Mehrdad Farahani
Pages: 29-47
Optimization of Zayande Rood Dam Water by Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Mohammad Hossein Zaminpardaz, Ebrahim Sharifi Tashnizi
Pages: 48-56
An Investigation on the Thermodynamic Properties of Hot Nuclear Material in the Isentropic Condition
Parisa Changiz
Pages: 57-67
Equations of an Oblique Projectile Motion without Calculus
Uchenna Okwudili Anekwe
Pages: 68-73
Linear Preservers (strong) g- Tridiagonal and g- upper triangular majorization R^n
Aryamanesh. S
Pages: 82-90
Exergy Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery in the LNG-Based Combined Cooling and Power ‎‎(CCP) System and Its Use in GAX Cycles‎
Peyman Asemani Kalejahi
Pages: 91-113
Noise Spectral Estimation Methods and Implementation of an Algorithm in the Frequency ‎Domain for Improving Detection in a Passive Sonar System
Mohammad Zarezadeh Mehrizi, MasoudReza Aghabozorgi
Pages: 114-128
Environmental Risk Assessment of Sugar Industries Using the EFMEA Method and Providing Environmental Management Solutions
Parisa Dadgar, Parna Eskandari Payandeh
Pages: 129-141

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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Issue 2, Volume 5, 2020